Shawn Zwilling and Adam Richards

Founded in 2001, The Branding Firm, Inc., is a full service, business-to-business and consumer brand management firm, providing services associated with brand development, advertising, marketing, content management and publicity. At The Branding Firm, we continue to exceed the expectations of our clients by creating, directing and overseeing distinctive brand strategy that provides focus and differentiation in the marketplace. Led by owners Shawn Zwilling and Adam Richards, our team includes account executives, designers, writers, digital and social media specialists, strategists and production experts who provide strategy- driven design and marketing solutions to a variety of companies.

Executive Bios

Shawn G. Zwilling Principal & Brand Strategist

Shawn is the Founder and President of The Branding Firm. Throughout his career, he has managed the advertising and marketing for a variety of clients, from the high-end to the high-tech. Prior to starting The Branding Firm, he served as Principal and President of Access Marketing, a full-service, business- to-business brand management firm. During his 10 years at Access, Shawn was promoted from Senior Account Executive to President. He was involved in providing services associated with brand creation and management, advertising, marketing and publicity.

Before joining Access, Shawn served as Marketing Services Manager for the North American division of Interface, a Fortune 500 multinational marketer of carpet tile, commercial interior fabric, chemical additives and facility management services. In addition to marketing management, Shawn has held sales positions in commercial carpet and print communications.

Shawn earned both BBA and MBA degrees from LaGrange College, LaGrange, Georgia.

Adam N. Richards Principal & Creative Director

From the beginning, Adam’s career in the creative arena has focused on world- class design and visual development. Adam is an award-winning designer with more than 16 years’ experience in many facets of the design field. A native of California, he has researched fine art, photography, architecture and design around the globe. His interests in travel, history and geography have dramatically inspired his design concepts.

Adam’s career has focused on both business-to-business and consumer design for a variety of industries including commercial flooring, financial services, food and beverage, golf and technology. His outstanding design has earned numerous Show South Awards, a HOW Magazine International Award, Pegasus Award and many Addys®, among other awards.

Adam’s academics include art, architecture and design at American River College, Sacramento; Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond; Boise State University, Idaho; and a BFA degree from the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Graduate studies were completed at Portfolio Center, Atlanta, Georgia.